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Interesting what matters to people

I told my best friends last night about the queer thing, which is something they knew already by following my Tumblr. They just wanted to hear it from my mouth. My question is: why? You didn't have to tell me you're heterosexual; why do I have to tell you that I give no fucks?


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The first time in my fucking life someone likes me back for real and seriously and I actually want to date, it's a week before I leave for college and she's staying back and she's a SHE, so I can't talk about it to anyone but my best friend who I don't see for another five hours and I've never, ever cried this much about a person before.

I can't do long distance, not if we haven't built up a foundation for it first, and we both loved each other all summer and said nothing because we were scared and now look what happened.

All I want to do is kiss her and hold her and watch True Blood together and make fun of stupid southern accents and drink tea and just be with her, but I can't because of motherfucking goddamn son of a bitch Iowa.

I kind of fucking hate everything right now.

I am halfway through my 24 hours of moping, and fuck if I will not MOPE LIKE A CHAMPION.

Ugh, kill me. Why do I have to be such an emotionally stunted bitch all the time?

- Aly

Huh. Haven't used this thing in a while.

I've barely had a chance to breathe this summer, let alone do "summery things" with anyone. It's a little strange; everyone else has maybe a part-time job; I have had either two part-times or a full-time and a part-time all summer. I'm glad because money but I've gotten no novelling work done, which is upsetting.

I'm a history major now instead of a double major, still going to a college I hate in a state I despise, but it's cheap and I'll be away a whole year, so I'm staying. I'm not going to Thailand anymore, but London, for a variety of reasons. I'd be lying to you if I said a good half of those reasons is not learning a new language and having sex with people while abroad. I also have a single for next year and a car, so I won't throw myself into the river.

On the other hand, my mom just lost her job, the job that was helping to pay for the tuition hike that kept the college affordable and the car down on campus and the TV for the single and the chiropractor and physical therapy and pain medication that I still need. I'm also still having boob issues and my birth control isn't regulating me yet. So.

For four whole months, money wasn't an issue. I already miss it.

Good thing I made money myself this summer, though too bad it's all going down the toilet now. I would have transferred if I'd known.

I'm done, I guess. Got a new book for tonight; even with the money issues back, I can spend fifteen dollars on books in a time of crisis. Sometimes it's all that gets me through the week.

Oh, and I had a novelling breakthrough this week. So that was cool.

That is all,

Dear Woman In the YMCA Locker Room,

Please please please please PLEASE do not masturbate in front of a mirror in the locker room in the YMCA. PLEASE. If you must, go to the little clothing changing area behind a closed screen or a shower. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU MASTURBATE. PLEASE RESPECT OTHER CIVILIANS.


Dear Vegetarian Folk in My Life,

Be a vegetarian if you want to. Good for you. It's harder to find entrees that will interest/satisfy you at restaurants. I applaud your self restraint. If you are at my house, I will accommodate your eating choices; I even have the Super Special Vegetarian Has-Never-Once-Touched-Meat Grilling Spatula and a scraped-off section of the grill just for you. Vegans get the same treatment.

But Buddha as my witness, do not try to guilt me into being a vegetarian with you. You are doomed to failure, my vegetable-loving friend. I will cheerfully consume the flesh of other animals until the day I die, and no amount of "but look at it's adorable widdle face" is ever going to stop me.

Burgers? Delicious. Sashimi? Mmmmmm. Steak? Preferably still red and leaking sweet life juices when you cut into it so you can mix your potatoes with that shit.

I enjoy a good vegetarian, even vegan, meal once in a while, but meat too damn tasty to ever be let out of my sight for long. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Much love,

Ho-hum and humdrum

I sort of am not doing anything other than work anymore. It's kind of nice and peaceful, but at the same time very irritating. I like having time to myself and don't really seem to get it much anymore.

Living with the family is irritating and kind of stupid, but I would rather spend my money on a Europe trip than on rent, thanks.

I have yet to finish a book this summer.

- Aly


Back from college. Working two jobs and hiding from pollen and forty-six degree weather in springtime.

Fucking love Wisconsin. Shit.

Somewhere along the past few months, I got obsessed with Supernatural, Doctor Who started up again and Game of Thrones, which I read six years ago, is now on HBO. I feel old, and a little weirded out that a book that I read when I was twelve is now being produced on HBO.

I did not read age appropriate books as a twelve-year-old. Whoopsies.

- Aly
I will write a whole book where broken people live their broken lives, and they save the world and they live. Everybody lives, due to some random quirk of something, and they will live out the rest of their lives happy.

Someday I will write a book about broken people fixing themselves instead of breaking themselves. I will write stories about people coming together in December out of American obligation that end in warm and fuzzies and religious acceptance, rather than tears where no one can see you don't believe in Jesus. There will be cherry pie and good, strong coffee and maybe even love. Girls will kiss other girls and dance with them while boys awkwardly learn to waltz with each other, now that saving the world has happened and there is time for dancing.

People will look in the mirror and see themselves as beautiful, not broken. They will hang up their weapons and pick up... something else. Shot glasses to polish, books to read, cloth to create things or even just another person's hand, for as long as they can. Life will go on, as life always does, but it will go on brighter than it started.

Sometimes I forget, I think, that I have the power to write this kind of story.

- Aly
I used to do this more often and it sort of felt better.

Weather has been awful for the past week. Like, seriously, it's been thirty-five degrees and raining for days and days. Finals are coming in less than a week (holy fuckballs kill me now) and I get to move out of the dorm. Yay. That's going to suck.

So... yeah. I don't really have much else.

- Aly

Now that Aly is done being a raging bitch

How are ya'll doin' today?

It is now spring, though a cold and rainy day in it, which is good. There is also shittons of pollen holy fuck that is bad.

But anyway.

I just really wanted a post that wasn't me being a crazy bitch.

- Aly